DUNSTON: Walking group’s journey of discovery



David Belfit led 22 members of Dunston Walking Group on a walk which started at the Revolution House at Old Whittington.

The party followed a track to St Barthololmew Church and crossed a stone bridge over the stream. They venturned on to Grasscrfot Wood and up via Stupping Wood and Long Lane before reaching Ash Lane Farm.

The walkers left the area via a field which is known locally as the Ghostly Goings of Murder field (a 23-year-old lady was clubbed to death in this field by her estranged husband).

They travelled on to Parkhouse Farm and the former site of Parkhouse Colliery before getting back to familiary territory of New Whittington.

Next week is the group’s 11th AGM which will be at the Monkwood centre at 9.30am followed by a short walk down to Whittington Moor and along the canal back to town.