DUCKMANTON: Man’s appeal for glimpse of birth mother

David Jowle from Sutton Scarsdale is tracing his birth mum.
David Jowle from Sutton Scarsdale is tracing his birth mum.

A man who was adopted as a baby is appealing for a picture of the birth mother he has never seen.

David Jowle was just eight-months-old when his mother, Alice Butler née Goodlad, died of rheumatic fever in 1945.

David moved from Arkwright Town to Duckmanton where he was raised by adoptive parents and went on to marry, have a daughter of his own, and two grandchildren.

But after seeing another couple’s life chronicled in pictures at a golden wedding celebration, David’s interest in Alice’s photo was piqued.

“This couple’s daughter made an album of pictures for them” said retired David, 68. “It just got me thinking that I would really love to see a photo of my birth mother to see what she was like.

“I don’t remember anything about her, and I wonder if there would be a resemblance.”

David, who now lives on Hall Drive, Sutton Scarsdale, has found out that Alice’s parents were Herbert Goodlad and Ada Goodlad. Herbert died between 1952 and 1962 and Ada died in 1957.

Coincidentally, both are buried in Sutton Scarsdale graveyard, just yards from David’s house.

He also has a copy of her marriage certificate to his birth father, John Butler from September 21, 1928.

“When I was younger I didn’t have any interest in tracing my birth mother” he added. “I was 12 when I found out I was adopted and my mum called me in from where I was playing with a friend. She told me, and I said ‘Oh. Can I go back and play now?’.

“I never realised there wasn’t a family likeness. I wasn’t bothered.”

He believes his mother had relatives in Brampton, and is appealing for someone who may have known her to come forward.

“It’s a longshot” he said, “but if any of the Goodlad family have any photographs, if they would let me have a copy of it I would love to see it.”

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