Drunken Dales roofer’s assault


A DRUNKEN Dales roofer assaulted a bar manager and a police officer following a row with a banker.

Richard Watts began arguing with Nicola Andrews, manager at RBS Matlock branch, after seeing her in 2010 Bar, Dale Road.

Angela Hadfield, prosecuting, said Watts appeared to be heavily intoxicated at 8.30pm and he started shouting at her.

“The argument was about refusal to provide a receipt for money paid in some days earlier. A bar worker asked him to leave and he ignored her and continued ranting at the bank manager.

“Bar manager Oliver Richards was called and he asked the defendant to leave but he appeared to be preoccupied with the argument with Nicola Andrews,” said Mrs Hadfield.

Mr Richards waved his hands to try and break Watts’ concentration and Watts threatened: “Don’t put your f****** hand in my face” before headbutting Mr Richards hard in the face.

Watts then challenged Mr Richards to fight and twice pushed his head against his face in an apparent attempt to provoke a reaction, said Mrs Hadfield.

Watts left and was arrested in a nearby bus station car park. He took a swing at Pc Karl Millward, tried to headbutt another officer and called a female officer a “lesbian b******”.

“He continued struggling and kicking out and he had to be placed in leg restraints,” added Mrs Hadfield.

Self-employed Watts (43) of Red Lion Yard, Main Street, Elton, admitted assaulting Mr Richards and Pc Millward on April 2.

He received a 12-week jail term, suspended for a year, and a one-year probation supervision order, and he must pay £150 compensation to Mr Richards.

“He can remember little because he had been drinking heavily. CCTV shows him putting his forehead against the complainant and pushing him away rather than striking him with force.

“He behaved badly during arrest but none of the blows or kicks actually landed,” said his solicitor, Julie Page.

She told the court Watts began binge-drinking following the end of a long-standing relationship two years ago.

The bank payments dispute related to children and the father-of-two was unable to get receipts because of client confidentiality rules, added Ms Page.