Drunk was abusive at salon

Law and order
Law and order

A DRUNKEN man turned abusive during a dispute in a salon over a haircut, a court heard.

Police received a complaint at 4.15pm on March 23 that Dennis Gorton, 54, of North Road, Clowne, had been shouting and swearing and demanding a free haircut and officers caught up with him.

“He appeared to be drunk. He said: ‘F*** off, I ain’t done owt. I’m not drunk’,” prosecutor Fernando Rodrigues told magistrates at Chesterfield.

He was arrested and a breath test indicated he had drunk almost three times the limit for motorists.

He told the court a stylist had “made a mess” of his haircut. “I went back and she said it would cost more. There was an argument but I wasn’t as drunk as they made out,” said Gorton, unemployed, who admitted being drunk and disorderly.

Gorton was fined £90, with £85 costs.