Drug addict jailed for theft

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A THIEF preferred a spell in custody to a community sentence because he felt it would keep him clear of drugs.

Heroin addict Jamie Powazinski stole toy trains from a Clay Cross supermarket to give to his son, Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard.

His solicitor Phil Bloore told the court: “He feels prison is the only way he can rid himself of drug addiction.

“He knows he will come out of jail drug-free and then stay at his brother’s house where there will be no drugs.”

Mr Bloore said Powazinski knew he would not be able to cope with a community sentence and would inevitably breach it.

He added: “He’s not trying to be disrespectful. He’s trying to be open about matters and not waste the court’s time.

“I have known him for a long time and he is being honest with himself.”

Powazinski, 34, of Flaxpiece Road, Clay Cross, admitted theft of toys worth £32 from Tesco on April 1.

He has previous convictions for assault, possessing drugs and for drunk and disorderly behaviour. The bench jailed him for 14 weeks.