Drivers urged to take care - plus top tips for staying safe in the snow

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Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership are urging drivers to take care in snowy conditions.

Derbyshire woke up to snow covered roads and footpaths this morning, and with more forecast, Partnership chairman Mike Ashworth is asking drivers to check their route before the drive.

Mr Ashworth said: “Please check if the weather conditions are affecting your route by checking the online gritting updates from Derbyshire County Council, Derby City Council and the Highways Agency.

“If you do decide to travel, make sure you’re prepared. It’s a good idea to take an emergency kit of boots, warm clothes, a shovel, a torch, a snack, a hot drink and a charged mobile telephone.”

The Road Safety Partnership also offer the following advice to drivers.

• Only travel if your journey is really necessary. Could you use public transport instead?

• Check your lights are clean and working and that your windscreen washer is full

• Make sure your windows are free of frost and ice. Check your wiper blades and replace if they’re worn

• Check your tyres have plenty of tread and have the correct amount of air in them

• Check your radiator has the right mixture of water and anti-freeze and that your battery is in good condition and fully charged

• Make sure you have more than enough fuel to complete your journey

• Take a shovel, torch, boots, warm clothing, food and a hot drink and a charged mobile telephone on your journey

• In icy conditions slow down, steer gently and avoid harsh braking. It can take up to ten times longer to stop in icy conditions compared to being on a dry road

• Slow down and use dipped headlights if you’re driving while it’s snowing

• In ice, snow or slush use the highest gear possible to avoid wheel spin. To prevent locking your wheels when braking, get into a low gear earlier than normal. Allow your speed to fall and use the brake pedal gently. If you do skid, ease off the accelerator but do not brake suddenly.