Drink drive mum is ‘shopped’ by family

From the courts
From the courts

A ‘REMORSEFUL and apologetic’ mother was caught in the act of drink-driving twice in a month after being ‘shopped’ by relatives.

Cheril Oldknow, who was working as a child care deputy manager, was reported to police on both occasions by concerned members of her family and arrested at home, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

The first offence on July 21 Oldknow, 44 gave a reading of 164mgs of alcohol in 100mls of blood - double the 80mgs limit, and on August 22, her reading was 115mcgs of alcohol in 100mls of breath - over three times the 35mcgs limit.

Oldknow, of New Road, Barlborough, admitted both offences and received an eight-week jail term, but the justices suspended it for a year. She was also ordered to pay £170 and given a three-year driving ban.

The court heard she was “remorseful and apologetic.”