Double first at Rotary club

Rotarians enjoyed a double first when a new District Governor made his maiden visit to a club led by it ts first female president.

Peter Moralee was greeted by Pam Cox on his visit to Bolsover Rotary Club.

In his address, the District Governor congratulated the Bolsover club on their local and international work including assisting the funding of a container to take much needed educational equipment to the Gambia while not forgetting the support of sport, education and recreation within the nvirons of Bolsover club.

He referred to the influence of ‘the media society’ of Twitter, Facebook, the Cloud and how Rotarians should cope with the evolution of fellowship that the web was providing. He believed that the web and its attendant IT should be used to continue Rotary good works and not be shunned as some challenging revolutionary force.

In thanking the District Governor for his address, president Pam Cox said: “I have only in the last few years become aware of the importance of e-communications and communities, Rotary must evolve to reap the rewards of this tech-world”.