Don’t just do nothing: Use votes to disapprove

How interesting it is to have a letter about the Police and Crime Comissioner elections due soon.

The list of candidates has only one Independent, a retired Metropolitan Police Sergeant.

That lowly rank does not qualify him to do a job of that status.

The other three are party political hacks who see a new gravy train.

All UKIP want to do is leave Europe, all Labour want to do is spend money we do not have, and all the Conservatives want to do is put more people in prison, which we cannot afford either.

I urge everyone to go to the polling stations and spoil your papers.

This election is spurious, it is irrelevant to our problems, it will set up another bureaucracy that will cost more money than the police authority that it will replace, and it will not add transparency. Make a positive abstention by spoiling your paper. Put a big fat cross over the whole paper. That way you register positive disapproval, not just apathy.

Alan Craw