Dog owner fined after pet savaged puppy

From the courts
From the courts

A mum has been ordered to pay more than £1,800 compensation after Chesterfield magistrates heard how her pet Staffordshire bull terrier savaged a puppy.

The incident happened as Kenneth Harwood and his wife walked their 17-week-old spaniel cross pup on Poulter Country Park, Langwith.

“The defendant’s dog approached and pinned it to the ground,” said Sarah Haslam, prosecuting.

“It had its jaws around its chest and bit it, causing puncture wounds. Mr Harwood and his wife tried to kick it off the puppy and release its grip. Eventually, the owner appeared and put it on its lead.”

The pup suffered chest wounds, two fractured ribs, collapsed lungs and a blood clot. It was taken to an emergency vet and had three operations over a four-day period.

Bull terrier owner Sharon Clamp told police her six-year-old dog, named Molly, disappeared from view for a short time before the incident and had never behaved aggressively before.

Clamp (50) of Poulter Street, Langwith, admitted being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control on July 16. She had no previous convictions.

The bench said her dog had inflicted serious injuries and must be muzzled and kept on a lead in public from now on.

They fined Clamp £88, with £85 costs, and ordered her to pay the £1,841 vet’s bill.

“She has a 23-year-old disabled son who dotes on Molly and they have another dog,” said Gavin Haigh, representing Clamp.

“They were on the park, enjoying some family time out, and Molly appears to have gone over the crest of a hill. She heard a commotion and called the dog back. Her son saw Molly having a go at the other dog and people kicking out at Molly’s head and chest area. He added: “She is deeply remorseful.”