Dog kicked on film with RSPCA

Still image from vile video footage which appears to show a man kicking  dog in Thistle Park, Brimington.
Still image from vile video footage which appears to show a man kicking dog in Thistle Park, Brimington.

A dog which was filmed being kicked by its owner in a Derbyshire park is now in the care of the RSPCA.

The Derbyshire Times published a video on its website earlier last week which appeared to show a man mistreating his dog in Thistle Park, Brimington.

The footage was shot by resident Samantha Hill, who was so appalled she secretly recorded the man at 10am on Monday.

Speaking at the time, Samantha said: “I saw this man walking his dog, kicking it and being cruel to it, so I thought I’m going to video him.

“I was disgusted and thought ‘have I really just seen that?’

“I am absolutely disgusted and I want this man to be caught.”

Samantha said that she passed the video to the RSPCA, before sending it to us.

And on Thursday, a spokesperson for the RSPCA confirmed that the dog is now in their care.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “A dog was signed over to the RSPCA earlier this week.

“We cannot go into details of individual circumstances of cases like this for legal reasons but please be assured this dog is safe and receiving the best of care. We hope he will be rehomed in the near future.

“The public are our eyes and ears and we are always grateful for any reports of animal cruelty or concerns for an animal’s welfare. To report cruelty please call the RSPCA in confidence on 0300 1234 999.”

When we published the original story, thousands spoke of their disgust on social media.

Following the update, hundreds more readers took to social media to praise the RSPCA for their swift work.

Jonne Hicklin posted on Facebook: “Good work from the lady who caught this on film, Derbyshire Times, the RSPCA and the decent people of Chesterfield who shared the video to get him caught.

“Happy ending for this dog hopefully and great to see the majority of our town will not tolerate animal abusers.”

Kelly Cameron said: “Yes! Lets get the dog a proper loving, kind and caring home.”

Kath Howe posted: “So happy to hear this ... Big loves to the dog.”