Dispersal order comes into force in Whaley Thorns and Langwith

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A dispersal order granting police additional powers to tackle anti-social behaviour in Whaley Thorns and Langwith comes into force at 5pm today (Friday).

The order means that police will be able to move on anyone who is taking part in nuisance activity.

The order is in force until Sunday.

The order is in force until Sunday.

Officers can also disperse people that they think might be about to act anti-socially, rather than waiting for it to happen.

The order lasts until 5pm on Sunday.

During that time, officers can move on anyone aged ten or above who is causing a nuisance or committing crime.

Dispersal orders were previously used to tackle alcohol-related crime but they now cover any kind of nuisance activity.

Children aged 16 or under can be removed to their home address or a place of safety, and anyone moved on under the powers can be prohibited from going back there for a certain period of time.

Anyone who refuses to comply with an order to leave an area will be committing an offence and could be arrested.