Disneyland fundraiser for poorly baby girl

Chloe Iris Vickers.
Chloe Iris Vickers.

A fundraiser is to be held for a poorly baby girl to help send her to Disneyland.

Eleven-month-old Chloe Iris Vickers, was born premature and has had a number of health problems.

Chloe Iris Vickers.

Chloe Iris Vickers.

The little girl has been in and out of hospital since she was born and has suffered with severe reflux, pneumonia and rare bone condition hypophosphatasia rickets.

She has also just an operation to remove a tumour.

Friends of Chloe’s parents Michelle Vickers, 28, and Paul Elliot, 33, both of Davey Court, Bolsover, are now rallying to help raise enough funds to send the family to Disneyland when Chloe is better.

“The support has been heart-warming,” Michelle said.

“We thought she had pneumonia, then a bone condition and then a tumour.

“We always go to hospital with something different and then come out with something new.

“But throughout everything she has always been smiling. She brings so much joy to anyone who meets her, she’s funny, she’s amazing, she’s my hero.”

Chloe has to take five lots of medicine 15 times a day and has two feeding pumps.

A fundraiser is now set to take place at The Talmere Lodge, Hasland, between 1pm and 5pm.

The free event, organised by Sophie Cooper, 23, of Jepson Road, Hasland, will include live bands, music, a number of stalls, a sponsored wax, a mini disco and a raffle.

There will also be a chance to take part in Zumba and Clubbercise from 11.30am for £6 or £5 in advance.

Family friend, Emma Spendlow, 42, of Edinburgh Road, Newbold, who set up the Facebook page ‘Smile for Chloe’, said: “We just want them to have a family holiday.

“It is the fact that Chloe is 11-months old and has been quite ill from day one and in and out of hospital.

“Michelle and Paul have not had time for themselves. They have not been able to do what new parents she be able to do, like going to the seaside.

“It is every child’s dream to go to Disneyland and see Minnie and Mickey Mouse.”