Disappointed at teachers: Strike action hurts kids

I am sure your readers will share my disappointment at the recent strike action by NASUWT teachers at Dunston School.

All teachers will be assessed against national standards, but the number and length of lessons monitored is up to individual schools to decide.

Most teachers have nothing to fear from regular monitoring of teaching and learning in the classroom. It is about identifying good practice and supporting staff to improve their skills.

Teachers in Derbyshire are not being treated any differently from elsewhere in the country. We – the county council, headteachers, teachers and support staff – are all working to achieve the same goal. That is, to make sure every child gets the best possible education while they attend school in Derbyshire.

Strike action achieves nothing but our children losing out on their education by being kept out of the classroom.

We’re working closely with the headteacher and governors at Dunston School to adopt the new rules and with the NASUWT to resolve the dispute and to try and prevent further strike action.

For all of us, the key priority is to maintain high educational standards and to raise achievement even further for all our children.

Cllr Michael Longden

Cabinet Member for Education