Derelict Chesterfield car park to be demolished

The former car park.
The former car park.

A disused car park in Chesterfield is to be demolished, it has been confirmed.

Work to knock down the disused multi-storey car park at West Bars could start within weeks.

The news was revealed last Wednesday during a meeting at the Winding Wheel discussing future plans for the town.

A spokesman for Chesterfield Borough Council said: “Royal Mail, which owns the disused West Bars multi-storey car park, has submitted a planning application to demolish it.

“The borough council has given Royal Mail building control regulation approval to do this and the planning application will be considered in the coming weeks.

“If approved, that would enable demolition work to start from May onwards, although the exact timing would be a matter for Royal Mail.”

Morag Turnbull, of Royal Mail, added: “We can confirm that a planning application has been submitted for the demolition of the disused West Bar multi-storey car park to the borough council.

“The car park has not been in use since 2003.

“The exact date for demolition has not been set and we are in the process of assessing all options for the future use of this site.”

On the Derbyshire Times Facebook page, readers welcomed the news.

Louise-Emily Marriott said: “It’s about time – it’s been an eyesore for years.

“Why has it taken so long?”

Karl Crawford said: “It looks like it’s ready to fall down – it makes the town look a mess.”

Wendy Joel said: “I’m glad something is being done.

“It seemed pointless having a sculpture to welcome visitors from one side of Chesterfield, while on the other you get a crumbling, ugly car park.”

On the Derbyshire Times website, one reader commented: “Excellent news!

“The eyesore destruction can only improve the area.”

Tina Whileman said she would like to see the site transformed into a car park for Royal Mail staff.

David Fieldsend suggested the site could could be used as a fair.

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