Derbyshire youngster reads 50 books in 50 days

Megan Bailey, 11, read 50 books in 50 days for charity
Megan Bailey, 11, read 50 books in 50 days for charity

A young girl has risen to a mammoth reading challenge and completed a charity book-a-thon, getting through 50 books in 50 days.

Megan Bailey, 11, of Dronfield, read a variety of books to raise money for The Children’s Hospital Charity while recovering from a bike accident.

The youngster, who attends Stonelow Junior School, wanted to give something back to Sheffield Children’s Hospital to thank them for caring for her after the incident, which left her unconscious and needing treatment on her teeth.

She said: “It was quite scary. I was riding my bike with my friend to the local shops but I caught the handlebars on a railing and fell off my bike. After seeing Blue Peter and seeing all the challenges that they do on there, I thought I would do something too and set myself the challenge.”

As an avid mathematician, but not-so-keen reader, young Megan, of Dronfield, decided to set herself a real challenge in getting through 50 books in as many days, favouring lengthy stories by authors such as David Walliams, Roald Dahl and Liz Pichon over shorter stories and books.

Mum, Alex, added: “We are very proud of her. She fitted her reading challenge in whenever she could - before and after school and in between her other activities and commitments. For her to do this when she isn’t overly enthusiastic about reading is brilliant. She now reads a much wider variety of books and even has a favourite author, Michael Morpurgo.”

Thanks to sponsorship for her reading challenge, Megan raised a fantastic £140 for The Children’s Hospital Charity. The money will help keep Sheffield Children’s Hospital at the forefront of paediatric care, going above and beyond the NHS provision.

Gemma Bower, community fundraiser at The Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “Reading a book a day for 50 days is an incredible achievement and it is amazing to think how much time Megan must have spent reading to get through them all! We are so grateful to her for doing this challenge for our charity. The money she raised will help other children get better more quickly by helping us fund life-saving medical equipment, research into the prevention and cure of childhood illnesses and improvements to the environment.”

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