Derbyshire woman fined almost £1,000 for driving 6mph over the speed limit

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A Derbyshire woman has been fined almost £1,000 for driving 6mph over the speed limit.

Hasnija Osmanagic was driving her black BMW at 36mph, along a 30mph stretch of the A5111 Raynesway where it branches off from Shardlow Road in Alvaston.

The 31-year-old was sent a Notice of Intended Prosecution for the speeding offence, which happened in April last year.

As part of the process, she was asked to identify the driver at the time of the safety camera activation, despite a number of letters, she did not respond.

She was then contacted by phone and asked to have the Notice of Intended Prosecution sent by email but didn’t respond to that either.

As a result, Osmanagic, of Cowslip Meadow, Draycott, was charged with failing to give information when required relating to the identity of a driver.

She appeared at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court last week and was fined £830, with court costs pushing the total to £998. Her licence was also endorsed with six points.

Sergeant Scott Jeffreys, from our Casualty Reduction Enforcement Support Team, said: “We carry out these checks on roads across Derbyshire to make sure drivers are sticking to the speed limits.

“There is no excuse for breaking them and anyone caught doing so may face a fine, points on their licence and in some cases, a ban.

“If you ignore all of the correspondence following a safety camera activation, even if you were not the driver, you will be committing another offence entirely.

“Hopefully this sends a clear message that, if you ignore a Notice of Intended Prosecution, you could face a costly experience in court.”