DERBYSHIRE: Winter weather tips for businesses

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BUSINESS advisers are urging people to learn lessons from the impact of previous years of winter weather after forecasters have predicted snow and ice this weekend.

The Chesterfield HR Dept has warned of ways to pre-empt any of the problems which have previously brought the UK to a standstill.

It states that businesses and staff should consider the below to ensure they can keep up-and-running with as little disturbance as possible to their operation:

Employees should be aware of what they should do if

they can’t get to work.

Employees unable to attend work should maintain

regular contact

Unauthorised absence should not be tolerated.

Employees can take annual leave

Consider home working as an option

A Chesterfeild HR Dept spokesman said: “It is always a good idea to plan ahead. If you know that there is going to be a huge downfall of snow the following day, prepare employees.

“Fore example consider if they work on laptops that they can take home.

“Being prepared for a ‘just in case’ scenario will make business operations run more smoothly.”

An employee does not have to be paid if they do not show up to work, according to Chesterfield HR Dept.

Bosses should also make efforts to be aware if schools and nurseries are closed because parents are entitled to take time off to care for dependents. However, according to Chesterfield HR Dept this should be unpaid leave.

Employers should warn staff that transport lines may be affected, roads may not be fully gritted and that naturally the traffic is going

to slow down, so urge them to allow plenty of time to get into work.

A Chetserfield HP Dept spokesman added: “Like with all other things in Human Resources, a common sense approach should be adopted.

“If you do believe that one of your employees could have come in but they were actually just building snowmen and

posting photos to Facebook and Twitter, call The HR Dept for advice.

“The bottom line is that no one should ever risk their lives getting to work but it is the employee’s responsibility to attend work on time.”

If you need advice on preparing a contingency plan for bad weather, or for dealing with unauthorised absence call the director Steve Hardman, of Chesterfield HR Dept, on 0845 250 8336.