Derbyshire villagers ‘dismayed’ by housing plans

Housing protesters in Newton
Housing protesters in Newton

Plans to build up to 80 new homes in a Derbyshire village have been greeted with dismay by residents who say it would be ‘too much’ for the small community to take.

Developers, Wheeldon Bros, have submitted plans to Bolsover District Council to build the homes in Newton near Tibshelf but residents argue they have already struggled to absorb another 80 - built by the same developer - over the last two years.

Protestor, Daryl Hedges, with her baby chicken

Protestor, Daryl Hedges, with her baby chicken

A packed public meeting was recently held at which villagers resolved to fight the plan - citing concerns over traffic, flooding, services such as health and education and the effect on protected buildings and natural habitats.

Resident Tony Mellor said: “We love this village and do not want to see it subsumed into a ‘Junction 28 New Town’ which is the way it is going.

“More sites have been identified within the parish for possible future development and if this one is approved we are worried more will follow.”

Tony said the villagers’ frustration was based on a belief that the planning process itself is anti-democratic.

“The developer may appeal a decision but we have very few weapons in our arsenal.

“Our only option is to take expensive legal action on the basis of what we believe to be a flawed process.”

A spokesman for Bolsover District Council said that no date had been set for consideration of the application and that they could not comment at this stage.