Derbyshire Tories respond to tax credit criticism

Conservative Barry Lewis
Conservative Barry Lewis

Derbyshire's Conservative party has responded to the news that thousands of families and 7,200 children would be hit hard by proposed tax credits changes.

The Chancellor George Osbourne has been criticised for a fresh bout of tax credit cuts which may affect three million families in the UK, and up to 51,000 in Derbyshire.

And as parliament meets today to discuss changes for the second time this week, news breaks that the government's economy chief may back down to a House of Lords vote and work to soften the blow form the cuts.

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Leader of the Conservative group at Derbyshire County Council said: "I'm pleased that George Osbourne has chosen to change his take on this, and to assess the impact it would have on those poorest families who would be affected negatively by the changes. It's true that there is a wage gap between workers.

"It's down to businesses and employers to fill that gap that is currently being filled by tax credits.

"It's worth adding that the government has a mandate, the Conservatives were voted in on the promise of making 12 billion of cuts to welfare."
David Cameron's pre-election promise that he would not make cuts to tax credits, after making 14 individual changes under the last coalition government.

When quizzed on this, Coun Lewis added: "That is a dichotomy which needs to be addressed. It's unfortunate that he did say that back than but that's neither here nor there."