Derbyshire teen '˜saved mum's life' after allergic reaction to nuts in body lotion

A mum-of-three who collapsed and went into shock on her bathroom floor has thanked her daughter and the 999 call handler and ambulance crew who saved her life.

Thursday, 21st December 2017, 11:31 am
Updated Thursday, 21st December 2017, 11:35 am
Gaynor Mallard and her daughter Frankie

Gaynor Mallard, 36, who has a serious nut allergy, went into anaphylactic shock after she unwittingly covered her body with a moisturising cream containing nuts and collapsed at her home in Long Eaton.

Gaynor, who was this week reunited with the ambulance crew and 999 call handler who saved her, said: “I put the cream on and could feel the burning sensation straight away.

“I tried to get in the shower but my daughter Frankie found me collapsed on the bathroom floor.

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Gaynor Mallard and her daughter Frankie with Jessica Berenzyckyj, 999 call handler and one of the ambulance crew Lynsey Burton

“I couldn’t get any air in. I don’t remember much until the ambulance crew had given me adrenaline.”

Thankfully, Frankie was home at the time as she was off sick from school.

She jumped into action – dialling 999 when she discovered her mother struggling to breathe on the bathroom floor.

On Wednesday, December 20, Frankie, 14 , was surprised with a Laverick Award at the family home as part of the reunion with members of the East Midlands Ambulance Service.

Gaynor Mallard and her daughter Frankie with Jessica Berenzyckyj, 999 call handler and one of the ambulance crew Lynsey Burton

The award is for child bravery and was presented to recognise Frankie’s courageous actions in helping the ambulance service to save her mum’s life.

Call handler Jessica Berenzyckyj provided instructions over the phone and kept Frankie calm until paramedic Gary Staley and emergency care assistant Lynsey Burton arrived just nine minutes later, taking Gaynor on to hospital. Jessica said how impressed she was with Frankie’s calm manner while she was on the phone at what must have been a very frightening time.

Jessica said:“We rarely get child callers, but Frankie’s actions were textbook and she did really well by staying calm.

“Many adults would have panicked in her position, but she followed my instructions and kept reassuring her mum. She was brilliant.”

Gaynor went on to say how grateful she was to everyone involved in helping her.

“Without Frankie, the 999 call handler and the ambulance crew, I wouldn’t be here today and we wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas.

“I can never thank them enough,” she said.

The incident took place at on September 19, and Gaynor was taken to Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham.

She has now made a full recovery.