Derbyshire: Taxi theft thug jailed

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A thug who stole a taxi and repeatedly drove it at the cab driver while on an alcohol-fuelled crime spree has been jailed.

Scott Stacey, of Sheffield Road, Unstone, admitted dangerous driving, robbery, arson and two charges of assault - committed on the same day while high on a cocktail of drink and drugs.

The 24-year-old was one of five men involved in the attack on taxi driver Sajid Ali following an argument over fares shortly before 3am on September 13 last year.

During the scruffle, which took place on Chesterfield Road in Dronfield, Stacey got into the driver’s seat of the taxi and drove it directly at Mr Ali, who was out of the

vehicle at the time.

Speaking at Derby Crown Court Sarah Slater, prosecuting, said: “He tried to drive at him, mounting the pavement.”

She said Mr Ali managed to dive behind a fence for safety. “The defendant did drive off,” Miss Slater continued at the hearing on March 18. “Mr Ali said he came back and tried to run him over again.”

Once again, Mr Ali managed to get out of the way of the taxi, and Stacey drove away in the vehicle, which contained the victim’s wallet, more than £300 cash, sat nav and mobile phone.

Stacey then drove off and set fire to the cab.

Only a couple of hours earlier, at around 1am, Stacey had started his crime spree by smashing a pint glass over a man’s head after being dared to do so. The victim, Harry Lineker, had been walking home from a party in Dronfield when the defendant attacked him.

Mr Lineker managed to make it home and was taken to hospital by his parents fowr treatment of multiple cuts to the right side of his face. Stacey ended his day of mayhem by assaulting another man, Andrew Bolsover, following a dispute in the Travellers Rest, Dronfield, that night.

Miss Slater said the defendant punched the victim in the face before stamping on him. CCTV footage showed Mr Bolsover had been knocked unconscious on the floor when Stacey returned and stamped on him again.

Annette Thomas, defending, said her client accepted responsibility for the offences. She said Stacey had been under the influence of alcohol and drugs. “He is remorseful for his actions and for the distress and the upset he will have caused to all the parties involved.”

Stacey was sentenced to three years and six months in prison for the robbery. He was also given sentences of nine months for dangerous driving and 12 months for the arson, to run concurrently. He was given a further four months for the assault on Mr Lineker and eight months for the assault on Mr Bolsover to run consecutively to other jail term - making his total sentence four years and six months. Stacey was disqualified from driving for six years and ordered to pay a victim surcharge.