Derbyshire police to help ‘clear up G4S mess’

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Derbyshire police officers have been left to “clear up the mess” over the Olympic Games security debacle, according to the county’s Police Federation chairman.

Mark Pickard said the failure of G4S to train 10,000 staff required by the start of the event showed why the police service should resist any moves towards privatisation.

He has urged the coalition to re-think its policy of outsourcing in the police service.

He added: “The failure of G4S to fulfil its Olympics security contract over the last week should be warning enough to the Government that handing out police functions to private, profit-driven companies is not the answer.

“The Police Federation has been warning for some time that policing is far too important for it to be put into the hands of private companies who are answerable only to their shareholders.”

About 160 Derbyshire officers will help police the Olympics, covering 2,500 shifts.

Mr Pickard added: “We have seen the Armed Forces and police officers removed from their usual duties to clear up the mess left by G4S.

“They are trained to respond in times of need and they will protect communities and visitors. But you have to ask why the security of such a prestigious event was not given to the police to manage in the first place.”