DERBYSHIRE: Overnight snow hazards and more to come

NDET 14-1-13 RKH 29  Chesterfield railway station
NDET 14-1-13 RKH 29 Chesterfield railway station

RESIDENTS and commuters woke facing treacherous travelling conditions this morning, January 18, after yesterday evening’s snowfall continued overnight leaving the area white-over.

Forecasters confirmed there has been a further 2cm to 5cm of snow and more in other places across the county and the Met Office once again put in place an Amber weather warning urging people to be prepared for disruption.

Derbyshire County Council gritters had been scheduled to roll out overnight and were on standby as the situation was expected to deteriorate. Most main roads appeared to be relatively clear around Chesterfield according to eye-witness reports.

Conditions are very cold and frosty with warnings of more snow today and tomorrow with a south-east wind. Forecasters say it is unlikely to get above freezing today.

Further snow is expected during the day and during the weekend.

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