Derbyshire man’s life transformed thanks to new dialysis treatment

A kidney patient from Chesterfield has had his life transformed by a treatment that allows him to do his dialysis at home overnight.

Father-of-one, Ian Hazel, now has more time and energy to do the things he wants to do and feels he can live a more normal life as a result.

Chronic kidney disease sufferer Ian Hazel

Chronic kidney disease sufferer Ian Hazel

The Chesterfield Royal Hospital head of ICT is now able to have dinner with his family every night and take his son to tennis practice, both things that he found hard to do before.

He said: “I do feel a lot better. Of course there are barriers to overcome and not every unit offers noctural home haemodialysis but for the younger and more active, my experience proves that with the right treatment you can have a much better quality of life.”

“Some people might not want to take on their own treatment or want to have all the equipment you need at home but there is lots of evidence to show that people who do this kind of dialysis spend far less time in hospital.”

“Also, it is cheaper for the NHS than having to staff dialysis units so for the outlay on equipment the health service gets a lot back in return.”

Ian at work at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Ian at work at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Ian was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 1999, and has had to undergo treatment ever since.

Although he began dialysis at home soon after his diagnosis, it was taking him three to four hours a day, four to five days a week, taking up all of his spare time.

However, since starting on the new programme, Ian can spend his days doing the all the things other people take for granted like going out to work and spending time with his family.

For a video about Ian’s experiences, see the Derbyshire Times website.