DERBYSHIRE: ‘Don’t keep them locked in school’

Classroom blackboard.
Classroom blackboard.

Teachers and parents have reacted angrily after Education Secretary Michael Gove said pupils should spend more hours at school each day and have shorter holidays.

Mr Gove told an education conference that youngsters would learn better if they spent more time at school.

On the Derbyshire Times Facebook page, teacher Sarah Brown said his views were “rubbish” and added: “I back education but I think children are under a lot of pressure.

“Where does quality family time and life balance come in these days?”

Rebecca Simpson, also a teacher, added: “Mr Gove’s clearly never had to teach a class of five-year-olds who are exhausted and falling asleep by 3.15pm.”

Mum Lucy Broadbent said pupils already spent enough time at school.

She added: “My son is about to do his SATS and if he had to spend any longer at school it wouldn’t be good for him or any of the other youngsters.”

Gemma Davis said: “Children have to enjoy being young while they can – don’t keep them locked up in school all day.”

However, some parents said the Government should cut school holidays to help working families. Elizabeth Housley added: “They should do sports or a vocational class on a Saturday too! Works for private schools and Europe.”