DERBYSHIRE: Deputy leader praises snow effort

Simon Spencer
Simon Spencer

Derbyshire County Council’s deputy leader Councillor Simon Spencer has praised the efforts of staff, volunteers and communities across the county during the recent cold spell.

He said: “Gritting and helping to keep the roads clear is a massive operation for us. But we’re not the only ones out there.

“Plenty of others do their bit to help, from our volunteer snow wardens gritting and shovelling snow on pavements and paths to the 4x4 drivers who offer their services to help care staff get to people who rely on their help.

“And there are countless others who selflessly go that extra mile to do an elderly neighbour’s shopping or clear pavements and even roads for the benefit of others.

“Some may say that’s the council’s job – and it is, to a point. But with the best will in the world we cannot grit and clear snow from every mile of road in Derbyshire. We simply don’t have the money, time or resources.

“But we can use what we have wisely to get the best results possible. And by working together we can always achieve more.”