Derbyshire darts ‘app’ aims to hit the bullseye

John Lowe's Darts Arcade.
John Lowe's Darts Arcade.

A Chesterfield man has teamed up with a Derbyshire sporting legend to create a brand new smartphone app.

The app – John Lowe’s Darts Arcade – has been developed by Inkersall man Ben Holmes and Sheffield-based software company, Route 1.

App creator, Ben Holmes.

App creator, Ben Holmes.

Ben’s dad used to play with John before the three times world champion turned professional, so when they approached him with the game he was happy to help.

Ben’s partner, Jo Dronfield, said: “We had a brainstorm one evening and developed the idea behind the app from that.

“We then looked to get someone to endorse it and John said ‘yes’ straight away.”

Ben has now set up a company called Bubble Creations to promote the app and is hopeful his new game will be the first of many.

We wanted someone to endorse it and John said ‘yes’ straight away.

Ben’s partner, Jo Dronfield

Since launching in May, the app has been downloaded 4,000 times, with much of the interest coming from Asia and the Far East.

In the game, the user flicks or releases the dart towards targets such as balloons and footballs.

There is also a built-in leaderboard and in-app purchases. The app is available now for iPad and iPhone from Apple’s app store.