DERBYSHIRE: County Council urges Gold Card holders to renew

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Gold Card holders are being urged by Derbyshire County Council to renew their cards now – or risk losing out on the benefits of the scheme for older and disabled people.

Most Gold Cards – the county council’s travel, discount and library card - expire this March. After this date they will no longer be valid for free, off-peak, England-wide bus travel, business discounts or library benefits.

New Gold Cards are not automatically being sent out. Anyone who wants a new card must request a new one.

Cardholders are asked to renew online at For cardholders unable to do this themselves, relatives and friends can help. Staff at all local Derbyshire libraries can also renew on a cardholder’s behalf.

Some disabled cardholders may not be able to renew online - this is because they need to show continuing proof of eligibility.

The online renewal information explains who should and who should not renew online.

Any cardholder with difficulty can also contact their local district or borough council to request a new card.

Of the total number of Derbyshire Gold Card holders – around 172,000 – about two thirds have already renewed.

Councillor Simon Spencer, deputy leader and cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “You won’t automatically be sent a new card, so it’s important that you take steps to get a new one.

“We’re pleased that so many people have already asked for, and received, their new cards but there are still a good number of cardholders out there who we haven’t heard from”.

Councillor Spencer added: “Don’t leave it until the last minute or you run the risk of losing out on these valuable Gold Card benefits and you could find yourself being asked to pay full fare on the bus.”