Derbyshire cops honoured after riots

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Two Derbyshire officers are among those from across the country invited to 10 Downing Street in recognition of the role they played during the disorder and riots in England and Wales last August.

Inspector Graham Lamin and Section Officer Robert Collins met Prime Minister David Cameron at a special reception on Wednesday, January 11.

Insp Lamin is in charge of policing in Bolsover. He oversaw a team of 25 Derbyshire officers who travelled to London to assist the Metropolitan Police through mutual aid.

SO Collins volunteers with the Special Constabulary in Glossop. Several Glossop officers were seconded to the MET during the disturbances and in their absence, SO Collins volunteered for more than 112 hours in less than a month. Members of the Special Constabulary are only required to complete 16 hours each month.

Derbyshire Chief Cons Mick Creedon said: “Graham quickly assembled a fantastic team of officers and was committed to their welfare throughout their deployment in London.

“He left a positive impression on those he worked with and he and his team were excellent ambassadors for the force.”

Mr Creedon also recognised the work of the specials during this period. He said: “Our special constables were exemplary. Many of them saw scenes from London and elsewhere in the country on the news and immediately volunteered for extra shifts to help us maintain a good level of service and reassure the communities of Derbyshire.

“Robert is an excellent example of the dedication and professionalism our specials showed last summer.”

Insp Lamin said: “The Prime Minister asked us all how we helped during the disturbances and thanked us for the role we played.

“It was a once-in-a-life-time experience and a real honour to have been invited.”