Dennis Skinner trends on Twitter after yet again clashing with Cameron

NDET 98620'stock pic - Dennis Skinner
NDET 98620'stock pic - Dennis Skinner

Bolsover MP Dennis Skinner was trending on Twitter this afternoon after he clashed with Prime Minister David Cameron in the House of Commons.

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions earlier today, the veteran politician blasted the “posh boys” in Mr Cameron’s Government following yesterday’s Cabinet reshuffle.

Mr Skinner added: “Why doesn’t he be a man, do the decent thing and call a General Election now?”

The Prime Minister replied saying it was good to see Mr Skinner “in such good form”.

He added: “I’m sorry that when I was forming my Government of all the talents I couldn’t find him on my speed-dial but I have done something that New Labour never managed – I have taken a miner (Patrick McLoughlin) and put them in the Cabinet and they’re running the railways. I thought he’d appreciate that.”

Is Mr Skinner right? Should David Cameron call a General Election? What do you think about the Cabinet reshuffle? Let us know by commenting below.