Dangerous dogs blighting Chesterfield neighbourhoods

Gail Azizi with her Yorkshire Terrier Rocky who was brutally attacked by a Rotweiller earlier this month.
Gail Azizi with her Yorkshire Terrier Rocky who was brutally attacked by a Rotweiller earlier this month.

Dangerous dogs are blighting Chesterfield neighbourhoods and several pets have been savaged - claim concerned owners.

Now residents on calling on Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins to host a meeting to discuss the issue.

Gail Azizi’s Yorkshire Terrier was left seriously wounded after an attack by a rottweiler on a footpath in Brook Yard, Chesterfield.

Five-year-old Rocky was a therapy dog for disabled children but the attack has left him too nervous to carry out his role. Gail, 56, of Vernon Road, Brampton, said: “He was such a calm and sociable dog before but has had to give up his work as he’s so nervous of anyone approaching him.”

Rocky suffered three puncture wounds to his body, lost a lot of blood and is still struggling to walk.

Gail added: “Rocky was on his lead. The rottweiler was off its lead.

“I picked up Rocky but the dog grabbed hold of him and was trying to shake him. Rocky was screaming but the owner just stood there and watched.

“The owner was only a young lad and in a way I feel sorry for the dog as he clearly can’t control it and has probably got it as a status symbol.”

Gail rushed Rocky to the vets and she also received treatment for a bite on her arm.

Last month Chesterfield mum Nikki Gilbing witnessed a small poodle-type breed being killed by a Staffordshire bull terrier in Queen’s Park.

She said: “Both dogs were on leads. The staffy got hold of the smaller dog’s face.

“I was with my little boy so I ushered him away as I didn’t want him to see but the owner was leaning over the dog on the ground and it didn’t look like it was going to make it.”

Walton resident Sue Bradford is calling for owners to be tracked down and prosecuted and says several dogs have been savaged in her area.

Sue, 68, also faced over £200 in vets bills when her Yorkshire Terrier Benny was bitten by an akita which was roaming the streets.

She said: “Benny had a one-and-a-half inch hole in his back.

“That dog has since bitten another small dog.

“The law needs changing. You can get a fine for dropping litter or if you don’t clear up after your dog but this owner hasn’t been prosecuted for letting her dog be out of control.”

Sue has written to Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles and Mr Perkins.

Toby Perkins is calling on concerned constituents to contact him by calling 01246 386286.