Cyclists and supporters reach new heights

A powerful Sheffrec rider surges for the finish line in the 2012 Monsal Hill Climb time trial.
A powerful Sheffrec rider surges for the finish line in the 2012 Monsal Hill Climb time trial.

HUNDREDS of magnificent spectators came as close as possible to stealing the limelight from a star-studded line up at the 82nd Monsal Hill Climb time-trial cycle event.

The Peak District’s Monsal Head, in the Wye Valley, was thronged with enthusiastic cycling fans on Sunday, October 7, who lifted shattered riders to the summit with loud cheers, applause, clackers and even a ukulele player as they lined the steep one-in-six gradient hill roaring every brave rider who crossed the finishing line with a crescendo of support.

The noise was so loud that riders circling for their turn at the base start line over 675 yards away and deep into the valley could hear the cheers and applause for competitors whose day of hellish pain was being crowned as they mounted the summit to the highest praise and accolades.

Organiser Sheffrec did a fantastic job of pulling all the right ingredients together for this 2012 Think Simplyhealth Monsal Hill Climb with a list of riders including pros Russell and Dean Downing, 2011 champion Gunnar Gronlund and Sheffield Grand Prix winner Graham Briggs with supporter interest no doubt boosted by Bradley Wiggins’ Tour De France victory and other Olympic successes.

Chief Organiser Marc Etches said: “This was a very popular event with 123 riders who all did themselves very proud along with a great number of supporters who turned out in droves to make this a great occasion for everyone to remember.”

Wheelbase rider Jack Pullar won the event in a remarkable time of 1min, 18.9secs, followed by Endura’s Russell Downing on 1min, 20.6 seconds and RST - Trigon 2011 champion Gunnar Gronlund, of Chesterfield, who came third in 1min, 24.8secs. Rapha Condor’s Dean Downing clinched fourth spot in 1min, 25.9secs.

Sugarcane Creative’s Michael Bramhall won the Vets category, Planet X’s Jacob Scott won the Juniors’, RST - Trigon’s Joey Walker won the School Boys’ and Matrix Fitness - Prendas’ Jessie Walker won the Ladies’ category.

The depth of quality in this year’s event was reflected after Local Charge Bike’s Chris Metcalfe, formerly of Matlock CC and who finished second last year, had to settle for eleventh place with a very, respectable time of 1min 31.1 seconds.

Five Matlock CC riders Pete Colledge, Chris Gree, Steve Strange and Mike Blair clocked up times within two seconds of each other between 1min 45secs and 1min 47secs. Matlock CC’s William Alves also finished in 1min 38.4secs.

VTTA North Midlands’ Vet Jamie Flaxman, of Chesterfield’s hairdressing salon Carlton’s, took on the challenge to raise hundreds of pounds for Chesterfield’s Ashgate Hospice and completed his ride in 2mins 38.9secs.

Marc Etches added: “Many thanks go to sponsors and supporters including Simplyhealth, Pelican Cycles, Montura Bikes, Derbyshire Dales District Council, Litton & Cressbrook Parish Council, Little Longstone Village Group, Derbyshire Police and Ellery’s Tea Room without whom this event would not have been possible.”

Overall results are as follows:

1. Jack Pullar Wheelbase.CO.UK/MGD 01:18.9

2. Russell Downing Endura 01:20.6

3. Gunnar Gronlund RST - Trigon 01:24.8

4. Dean Downing Rapha Condor 01:25.9

5. Lee Baldwin Buxton CC / Sett Valley Cycles 01:28.0

6. Liam Holohan Team Raleigh-GAC 01:28.6

7. James Allen Sheffrec CC 01:28.8

7. Graham Briggs Team Raleigh-GAC 01:28.8

9. Adam Kenway Buzz Cycles 01:30.1

10. Daniel Storey RST - Trigon 01:30.8

11. Chris Metcalfe Matlock CC 01:31.1

12. Matt Clinton Mike Vaughan Cycles 01:31.2

13. Jacob Scott Planet X J 01:31.5

14. Ashley Proctor Sportscover Altura RT J 01:32.4

15. Matthew Pilkington Team Bglobal 01:33.5

16. Ross Lamb Mansfield RC J 01:34.5

17. Joey Walker RST - Trigon SB 01:34.6

18. Matthew Holmes Team Raleigh-GAC 01:35.5

19. Liam O’Toole Sheffrec CC J 01:36.3

20. Matt Sumpton RST - Trigon 01:36.9

21. Andy Nichols PCA Ciclos Uno 01:37.0

22. Lee Tunnicliffe High Wycombe CC 01:37.2

23. Sam Clark Buxton CC / Sett Valley Cycles 01:37.4

24. Tom Stewart RST - Trigon 01:38.4

25. Steve Taylor Rutland CC 01:38.5

26. Adam Duggleby Sportscover Altura RT 01:38.9

27. Michael Bramhall Sugarcane Creative Vet 01:40.1

28. Andrew Magnier Node4 Giordana RT 01:40.9

29. Simon Warren Norwood Paragon CC 01:41.4

30. Jake Womersley Sportscover Altura RT J 01:41.6

31. Steve Roper Team Cystic Fibrosis Vet 01:42.1

32. Jahan Hunter Ashley Touring CC 01:43.7

33. Neil Bentley Sheffrec CC Vet 01:44.4

34. Lee Dixon Team Cystic Fibrosis Vet 01:44.8

35. Sam Mansfield Buxton CC / Sett Valley Cycles J 01:45.1

36. Robin McKinnon Harworth & District Wheelers Vet 01:45.2

36. Chris Walker RST - Trigon Vet 01:45.2

38. Lee Brown Holme Valley Wheelers 01:45.6

39. Kevin White Matlock CC Vet 01:45.9

40. Peter Colledge Matlock CC Vet 01:46.1

41. Matthew Harris Sheffrec CC 01:46.7

42. Christopher Green Matlock CC Vet 01:46.8

43. Steve Strange Matlock CC 01:47.1

44. Matthew Williams Fusion CC Vet 01:47.5

45. Mike Blair Matlock CC 01:47.6

46. Adam Machan Sheffrec CC 01:47.9

47. Richard Nutt Dinnington RC Vet 01:48.1

48. Andy Llewellyn Mansfield RC 01:48.2

48. Luke Beswick Buxton CC / Sett Valley Cycles 01:48.2

50. George Eley Mansfield RC SB 01:48.5

51. Paul Armstrong Sheffrec CC 01:48.7

52. Oliver Humphreys Shutt VR 01:49.3

53. Simon Travell Bolsover & District CC 01:50.0

54. Stuart Baker Buxton CC / Sett Valley Cycles 01:50.5

55. John Himsworth Sheffrec CC 01:51.2

56. Aaron Handley Sheffrec CC SB 01:51.6

57. Carl Sawyer Kiveton Park CC Vet 01:52.2

58. Richard Bellamy Ashfield RC Vet 01:53.0

59. Andy Hibberd North Hampshire RC Vet 01:53.0

60. Jessie Walker Matrix Fitness - Prendas L J 01:53.5

61. Phillip Wilkinson Inverse Racing 01:54.0

62. Cian O’Leary Buxton CC / Sett Valley Cycles 01:54.2

63. Christopher Storer South Pennine RC Vet 01:54.5

64. Elliott Smales Rotherham Wheelers J 01:54.9

65. Paul Turner-Johnson Sheffrec CC 01:55.4

66. Darren Staniforth Club Condor RC 01:55.5

67. Jake Carlisle Mansfield RC 01:55.6

68. Daniel Panichella Sheffield Sports CC 01:55.8

69. Bob Stevens Sheffrec CC Vet 01:56.0

69. Henry Foxhall Sheffrec CC 01:56.0

71. Thomas Humphrey Eastlands Velo SB 01:57.3

72. Christiaan Smith Zappi’s CC 01:57.6

73. Rob Harper RST - Trigon SB 01:57.9

74. David Staniland Sheffrec CC 01:59.6

75. Louis Tunnicliffe Sheffrec CC J 01:59.7

76. Jack Robinson Sheffrec CC 02:00.0

76. Dane Walker Team iOptix - 010 Group 02:00.0

78. Thomas Taylor Sugarcane Creative Vet 02:00.5

79. Joanne Clay Leek CC L 02:01.1

79. John Albaya Fusion CC 02:01.1

81. Samuel Garner Buxton CC / Sett Valley Cycles SB 02:01.2

82. Daniel Ogden Shutt VR 02:01.9

83. Luke Thomas Ashley Touring CC SB 02:02.4

84. Xavier Scott Bolsover & District CC 02:03.1

85. Shaun Randall Rossington Wheelers Vet 02:03.6

86. Andy Cutts Birdwell Wheelers J 02:04.4

86. Paul Kippax Rutland CC Vet 02:04.4

88. Nicola Soden Champion System/Maxgear L 02:05.7

88. Steve Wood Stocksbridge CC 02:05.7

90. Reuben Alldridge Mid Shropshire Wheelers 02:06.1

91. Ivan Paul Ashley Touring CC SB 02:06.5

92. Alex Kinderman Pedal Sport CC SB 02:07.2

93. Ian Shapiro Stockport Clarion CC 02:07.4

94. Alex Deck RST - Trigon L Vet 02:08.3

95. Simon Kelly Bolsover & District CC Vet 02:08.7

96. Richard Towse Buxton CC / Sett Valley Cycles 02:08.9

97. Neil Lawrence Sheffrec CC 02:09.1

98. Julian Humphrey Sheffrec CC Vet 02:10.0

99. Mason Hollyman Kirklees Cycling Academy SB 02:11.2

100. Brad Dransfield Thurcroft CC SB 02:12.6

101. Harry Hardcastle Kirklees Cycling Academy SB 02:14.0

102. Bill Seddon Bolsover & District CC Vet 02:15.5

103. Karen Ledger Zepnat L 02:15.9

104. Robert Barnard Team Cystic Fibrosis Vet 02:16.4

105. Scott Harrison Mansfield RC 02:16.5

106. Andrew Calpin Lincsquad 02:18.1

106. Nicholas Latimer Rutland CC 02:18.1 (finished running with broken chain!)

108. Jim Brown Holme Valley Wheelers SB 02:23.0

109. Clive Marsden Sheffrec CC Vet 02:26.8

110. Jonathan Cooper Norton Wheelers Vet 02:27.9

111. Clara Sandelind Sheffrec CC L 02:32.8

112. Yared Heller Sheffrec CC SB 02:33.1

113. Thomas Askew Ashley Touring CC 02:34.0

114. Carl West Sheffrec CC 02:36.0

115. Jonathan Poole Ashley Touring CC Vet 02:38.3

116. William Alves Matlock CC Vet 02:38.4

117. Jamie Flaxman VTTA North Midlands Vet 02:38.9

118. Henry Hollyman Kirklees Cycling Academy SB 02:40.1

119. Paul Heggie Birdwell Wheelers Vet 02:41.0

120. Sara Rodgers La Squadra L 02:44.0

121. Theo Jefferies Ashley Touring CC SB 02:45.0

122. Andrew Rodgers Norton Wheelers 02:48.9

123. Martyn Dransfield Thurcroft CC Vet 03:12.7

Fiona Maisey Sheffrec CC L DNF

Peter Crotty Mansfield RC Vet DNS Apols

Basil Adamo Sheffrec CC DNS Apols

Alex Jones Team Cystic Fibrosis Vet DNS Apols

Nick Downham Sheffrec CC DNS Apols

Craig Lamb Alford Wheelers CC Vet DNS