Cyclist left lying on a main road by hit and run driver

A Whitwell woman who was left lying in the middle of a busy road after being knocked off her bicycle is hoping someone will come forward to identify the motorist who hit her but did not stop.

Wednesday, 7th September 2016, 11:58 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th September 2016, 2:47 pm
Sue Haggett from Whitwell was knock off her bike in a hit and run incident. Photo: Chris Etchells
Sue Haggett from Whitwell was knock off her bike in a hit and run incident. Photo: Chris Etchells

Miraculously, Sue Haggett, 59, was left with no broken bones when the car clipped her from behind but was severely bruised and left quite shaken by the experience.

The grandmother-of-three said the incident, which happened around 12.40pm on 31st August on Sheffield Road, Clowne, had left her very upset and hesitant about cycling in the future.

She added: “If the driver had been an inch or two closer they would have hit me with the bumper and that would have been it.

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“But not to stop - it just makes you feel a bit worthless.

“The worst part is that I feel quite emotional about it now - I have the most amazing family and am just thinking about how the woman in the car behind could have hit me.

“But luckily she had time to slow down.”

Sue was cycling towards Cresswell when she was hit and noticed an elderly man, also cycling, on the other side of the road, looking over at her just before the impact.

“The next thing, I heard this almighty bang, my bike went one way and I went the other,” said Sue.

“The cyclist on the other side of the road came over to me and put his hand up to stop oncoming cars and the lady in the car behind called an ambulance.

“After I left the hospital later that day my mother said to me, ‘we’re not having much luck at the moment’, but I said, ‘I think I’ve been very lucky today, it could have been a different story.’”

Former nurse Sue said she was determined to get on a bike again but at the moment she was too shaken to know when that might be.

She said: “It just seems to me that the person who did this has had a few days to think about it now and maybe has let it slip to someone. You never know.

“Whoever it was will have a nasty scrape on their wing mirror because they clipped one of my handlebars.”

A spokesman for Derbyshire Police confirmed an investigation was ongoing into the incident on 31st August at Sheffield Road, Clowne, and that the force was appealing for information which may help identify the car involved and its driver.

She added: “From local investigations we understand the vehicle was dark in colour, possibly black.”

If you saw or anything or have any information which could help with the enquiry phone Derbyshire Police on 101, quoting incident 304 of 31st August.