Cruising back into power

ELECTIONS 2003: Bolsover District Council

Labour continues to have a stranglehold on power in Bolsover after last week's elections.

The party stormed to victory with a 25 seat majority, gaining 31 of the available 37 seats.

Four of the remaining six seats were won by Independents including father and son Brian and Paul Hendry in Clowne North and Clowne South and the Residents Association scored two out of two to take Whitwell.

Two Independent candidates lost seats including Shaun Gass in Elmton-with-Creswell and Raymond Heffer in Tibshelf.

No Conservative candidates made it into the winners' enclosure.

But Independent candidates now share a power base with Labour in Clowne north, Clowne south, Elmton-with-Creswell and Tibshelf.

A council spokesman said: "The council's Chief Executive John Fotherby had raised concerns about voter apathy but residents doubled the last 1999 election figures with a turnout of about 30 per cent.

"The highest turnout across the region was 42.36 per cent at Elmton-with-Creswell."

Labour's Malcolm Hodges secured retiring Bolsover District Council leader Harold Scrimshaw's South Normanton seat.


Barlborough (2 seats): JOHN ROBERT SHAW (Lab) and EION WATTS (Lab) — uncontested.

Blackwell (2 seats): CLIVE RICHARD MOESBY (Lab) 710; ALAN FRANK TOMLINSON (Lab) 631; Sally Andrea Gray (Ind) 517.

Bolsover North West (2 seats): KEITH BOWMAN (Lab) and THOMAS RODDA (Lab) — uncontested.

Bolsover South (2 seats): JENNI (TONI) ELIZABETH BENNETT (Lab) and ALAN JAMES HODKIN (Lab) — uncontested.

Bolsover West (2 seats): ROSEMARY JAY BOWLER (Lab) and BRIAN HUDDLESS (Lab) — uncontested.

Clowne North (2 seats): BRIAN WILLIAM HENDRY (Ind) 415; SIDNEY PATRICK (Lab) 373; Duncan Haywood (Lab) 306; Andrew John Patterson (Ind) 272.

Clowne South (2 seats): PAUL ROBERT HENDRY (Ind) 435; JAMES EDWARD SMITH (Lab) 375; Peter Morris Linley (Lab) 372 .

Elmton-with-Creswell (3 seats): DUNCAN McGREGOR (Lab) 1002; JAMES ALAN CLIFTON (Ind) 883; RITA TURNER (Lab) 777; Shaun Wass (Ind) 766; Enid Phyliss Glassey (Lab) 656; Shirley Elizabeth Staniforth (Ind) 575; Robert Davis (Ind) 261.

Pinxton (2 seats): MARY JANE DOOLEY (Lab) 534; DENNIS KELLY (Lab) 476; Leonard Anthony Gilbert Worrall (Ind) 386.

Pleasley (2 seats): PAULINE MAY BOWMER (Lab) and ANN MAUREEN SYRETT (Lab) — uncontested.

Scarcliffe (2 seats): SANDRA PEAKE (Lab) 688, MALCOLM GEORGE CRANE (Lab) 591; Celso Sabido (Ind) 530; Mark Stringfellow (BNP) 101; Raymond Holmes (Soc All) 97.

Shirebrook East (1 seat): BRIAN RICHARD MURRAY-CARR (Lab) — uncontested.

Shirebrook Langwith (1 seat): KENNETH FRANK WALKER (Lab) — uncontested.

Shirebrook North West (1 seat): MARTIN DAWKINS (Lab) — uncontested.

Shirebrook South East (1 seat): HAZEL WARD (Lab) — uncontested.

Shirebrook South West (1 seat): STEPHEN WILLIAM FRITCHLEY (Lab ) — uncontested.

South Normanton East (2 seats): TERRY COOK (Lab) 448; MALCOLM JOHN HODGES (Lab) 396; Anne Paulette Smith (Con) 218; Keith Isaac Smith (Con) 190.

South Normanton West (3 seats): TREVOR LANE (Lab) 496; JOAN MORLEY (Lab) 484; JOHN JOSEPH PATRICK PHELAN (Lab) 470; Susan Janet Curry (Cons) 425; John Graham Hudson (Ind) 404; David Martin Blythe (Con) 378; Paul Anthony Smith (Con) 333.

Tibshelf (2 seats): MICHAEL FREDERICK COUPE (Ind) 734; ALISON ELIZABETH BECKETT (Lab) 622; Raymond Alan Heffer (Ind) 613; Graham Parkin (Lab) 360.

Whitwell (2 seats): GEORGE OWEN WEBSTER (Whitwell Residents Association) 755; VIVIENNE PATRICIA MILLS (Whitwell Residents Association) 618; Dennis Eric Reynolds (Lab) 428; Kenneth Stevenson (Lab) 373.