Cross country kitty

Kath Wilson RSPCA Volunteer with Scottie the Cat found under a car bonnet with burnt feet
Kath Wilson RSPCA Volunteer with Scottie the Cat found under a car bonnet with burnt feet

A TRAVELLING moggie went on a scorching ride after he became trapped under a car bonnet.

It is thought the curious kitty, who has been named Scotty, climbed up on to the car’s engine while it was stationary, and settled in the warm spot.

But the 18-month-old feline clearly hadn’t banked on what happened next, as the driver set off from his home in Carlton, near Nottingham and started the 30 mile journey to Hasland, Chesterfield.

As the engine grew hotter, poor Scotty’s paws became burnt and sore, and it wasn’t until the driver reached Hasland and, suspecting a fault, lifted his bonnet, that he saw the terrified cat staring up at him.

It is not known whether Scotty made the full journey on the engine, or if he became trapped when the driver stopped along the way, but he was immediately taken to Chapel House vets on Hady Hill, where he was treated for burns on his paws.

Richard Woodwards, animal centre manager at the Chesterfield branch of the RSPCA, where Scotty is now being cared for, said: “We don’t know where the cat came from, and we can’t trace his owners as he hasn’t been microchipped.

“For just £15 to get a microchip fitted, we could have reunited them immediately. We would encourage people to get it done because we see so many situations like this, and it is better for the animal and the owner if they can be put together again.”

The black domestic short-hair is now living at the RSPCA and will go up for rehoming if the owners do not come forward.

Do you recognise this cat? If you can help put him back in touch with his owners, or are interested in adopting him, please call the Chesterfield branch of the RSPCA on 01246 273 358 or visit