Crooked Spire church hosts festival of music

World-famous for its ‘Crooked Spire’, Chesterfield Parish Church of St Mary and All Saints will be presenting a Festival of Music to showcase its 800 year old choral tradition, on Saturday 20th October from 7.30pm.

The festival, on Saturday, October 20 from 7.30pm, will showcase the talents of the church choir and organist as they perform hymns, psalms and a large repertoire of anthems and compositions.

It has been put on to raise funds to recruit, train and provide scholarships to carry on the church’s choral tradition.

Director of Music, Ian Brackenbury said: “Our choir has an excellent reputation for its singing ability, and we are looking forward to being able to demonstrate this through our Festival of Music. Whether you’ve been to the church before or not, this is a great opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable evening”.

Described by its members as one big happy family, the choir sings for two services each Sunday, as well as at various festivals and special occasions. It is one of only 54 church choirs in England and Wales with ages ranging from 9 to over 60. The choir is currently looking for new recruits, particularly young male tenors aged 7 to 12.

Admission is £8.50 including a programme and glass of wine.