Work underway to remove travellers from Chesterfield car park

Work is underway to get a group of travellers removed from a car park in Chesterfield.

Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 2:27 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th October 2018, 7:12 am
A photo of the camp.
A photo of the camp.

The travellers set up an illegal camp at Queen’s Park car park on Sunday (October 21).

Chesterfield Borough Council have served the travellers with a Direction to Leave notice- and may serve an Eviction Notice if the travellers do not comply. Failing that, the travellers could face a court appearance.

A council spokesman confirmed it could ‘take a few days’ to follow this process.

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A photo of the camp.


If the council want to, can they force Gypsies/Travellers to move immediately?

No. They must:

1) Be able to show that the Gypsies/Travellers are on land without consent.

2) Make enquiries regarding the general health and welfare of the Gypsies/Travellers.

3) Go through relevant steps in terms of serving notices and follow due processes in the courts to gain the necessary authority to order the Gypsies/Travellers to leave the site.

If Gypsies/Travellers camp on my land what can I do?

Talk to them to see if a leaving date can be agreed.

Take proceedings in the County Court under the Civil Procedure Rules, 1998. There must be a minimum of two clear days between service of documents and the court hearing. To contact the County Court, tel: 01332 622600 or seek the help of a solicitor.

Why do Gypsies/Travellers pursue a travelling lifestyle?

Their way of life means that they travel the country staying for various periods in different locations in order to earn a living. In most cases it has been a way of life for generations.