Woman charged in connection with distraction burglary in Bolsover

CRIME: Crime scene.
CRIME: Crime scene.

A woman has been charged in connection with a distraction burglary in Bolsover.

At around 12.30pm on Monday, February 24 a woman knocked on the door of a flat on Welbeck Road asking for a glass of water.

The 22-year-old occupant went to get the woman a glass of water and the woman followed her into the flat.

It is alleged the woman took the victim’s purse from her handbag while she was out of the room. The woman left and the victim contacted police when she realised her purse was missing.

A woman was arrested nearby.

Sinead Strachan, 25, of Poolsbrook, was charged with burglary and appeared before magistrates in Chesterfield on Tuesday, February 25.