Victims of crime to use new system for updates on Humberside Police investigations

Derbyshire Police
Derbyshire Police

Victims of crime can now go online for progress reports on investigations into their cases.

Humberside Police is now using the TrackMyCrime website, which provides an online tracking service for victims, allowing them to receive updates on their investigation and exchange messages with officers without the need to speak to them directly.

The system, which also provides a text message facility that notifies people when there is an investigation update, can be used on mobile devices and tablets as well as regular computers, enabling victims to correspond with the police at a time and place that best suits them.

Humberside Police is the fourth force in the country to take on the scheme, which is a secure Ministry of Justice design, and only the second to use two way messaging, offering victims the freedom to send messages to send and receive messages.

All victims with an email address will be automatically opted into TrackMyCrime and will then be required to register online with the system to send and receive messages.

Since going live in Humberside in late December, nearly 500 victims have now logged on to use the system.

Assistant Chief Constable Gary Calvert said: “TrackMyCrime provides victims with more choices on their preferred method of contact during the crime investigation.

“It changes the way we communicate, providing flexibility and allows people to receive updates on the progress of their case whilst continuing to run their busy everyday lives.”

ACC Calvert said: “TrackMyCrime will allow frontline officers, contact officers and OICs to update their victim in a timely fashion. It will improve the service we give to victims and reduce the administrative burden on investigative officers.

“The system allows personal messages to be given to the victim and is designed to complement other forms of contact with a victim to ensure we meet their needs whilst also optimising technology to assist officers in their roles.”

For more information on the scheme visit or call Humberside Police on 101.