UKIP chief receives Buxton death threats

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UKIP leader Nigel Farage has received death threats ahead of his appearance in Buxton tomorrow.

The MEP, who is holding “An Audience With” event at the opera house, was subjected to the abuse on Facebook on Sunday evening.

One user, under a link promoting the evening, said: “I’m going there to put a bullet in his head.” The post has since been removed.

A spokesman for the politician said the matter had been reported to the police, adding: “What people may consider silly, or funny, when ‘trolling’ by posting offensive remarks is actually a criminal offence. We have seen this sort of thing before and it is important that we, as a party, set an example by demonstrating that this behaviour should not be tolerated to ensure the most vulnerable people in society are protected.”

A Buxton Opera House spokesman said they were taking advice from the police on the appropriate action.