Thug attacked shop assistant in raid dispute

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NEWS: News.

A thug attacked a shop assistant after the two became involved in a dispute following a raid at a Chesterfield store.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Tuesday, July 1, how Karl Hetherington, 22, of Mansfield Road, Hasland, attacked the shop assistant after the defendant claimed he had been implicated in a raid at the Londis store, on Wharf Lane.

Prosecuting solicitor Angela Hadfield said: “Police attended the store and Hetherington said he had seen two males leave the store being chased by the shop assistant and as he assisted, the injured party became aggressive and a physical confrontation ensued.”

Mrs Hadfield explained another male had entered the store and taken several items and when the shop assistant gave chase the defendant and his friend appeared and pushed the shop assistant to the ground.

The court heard CCTV showed Hetherington charging at the complainant and he can be seen on top raining punches with a second male. Hetherington pleaded guilty to the assault after the offence on May 24.

Defence solicitor Felicity Clarke said Hetherington and his friend believed they were helping after the raider ran off and the shop assistant wrongly believed Hetherington and his friend had been involved in the raid.

She added: “This defendant got involved in something when he should have walked past.”

Magistrates adjourned the case to consider reports for sentencing as the Derbyshire Times went to press.