"They let her down" Amber Peat's dad speaks out after inquest

"They let her down."

That is what Amber Peat's father Adrian Cook said following the inquest into the 13-year-old's death in June 2015.

Adrian Cook

Adrian Cook

Amber Peat left her home on Bosworth Street, Mansfield, which she shared with her mother and stepfather, after a row.

Her body was found three days later inside a hedgerow off Westfield Lane, Mansfield, as a result of hanging.

Mr Cook who lives in Scotland said he had not seen his daughter since 2013 when he took her for a meal.

Appearing on BBC' Inside Out, Mr Cook is now appealing for more to be done after the inquest found that "at least 11 opportunists" to intervene in Amber's life were missed.

Amber Peat

Amber Peat

He said: "In my mind they let her down considerably.

"It is a personal fight for me, I'm standing for Amber.

"But every other child that slips through the net just becomes a statistic.

"Nobody buries a 13-year-old daughter.

"They need to really to look at the system that's in place, because Amber wasn't the first and she won't be the last. It's disgraceful."

He also revealed that he only found out about his daughters disappearance through social media.

He said: "I mean finding out something like that you just want to get up and go.

"I shared it everywhere on Facebook.

"Maybe she was coming to find me."

Mr Cook said the inquest, where assistant coroner Laurinder Bower concluded that she could not be sure if Amber intended to kill herself, was difficult to sit through.

He said: "I couldn't sit there and listen to all those statements."