These are the cars seized by Derbyshire police in the last week and some of the bizarre behaviour they've dealt with

It's been another busy week for Derbyshire's Roads Policing Team.

Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 1:11 pm
Cars seized by Derbyshire police in the last week
Cars seized by Derbyshire police in the last week

From drink drivers to stolen vehicles, here's a look at some of the incidents officers have tackled in the last week. Photos and information courtesy of the team on Twitter @DerbyshireRPU

A38 Little Eaton. Sees police car and a little too keen to get away, jumping a red light. Boxed in before anymore silliness. Found in possession of drugs. Reported to court for the driving offences and drug possession.
A38 yesterday. Motorhome overturns and causes injuries to occupants. One of the occupants suffering the effects of a head injury attempts to jump into a stream. Restrained and helped into the care of @EMASNHSTrust. #DriveToArrive

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A38 South near M1 J28. Inexperienced driver towing a trailer without the relevant licence category. Trailer detaches and chaos ensues. Reported for the offence. #Traffic
A52 Brailsford. Conducting speed checks following complaints by residents. Mondeo doesnt stop, pursued and offenders decamp into fields. Lead in the back. Despite being tracked by @DerbysDogPolice PD Karrie, occupants not found.
Bakewell Burglary at Boots. Offenders smash way in with hammer.Area flooded with us, @DerbyshireARU and Dales LPU. Vehicle located with 2 suspects, hammer, duvet full of perfumes & a dog. 2 arrested, vehicle seized, Dog taken home
Bolsover. Male in this Audi wanted on suspicion of robbery. Vehicle stopped with local officers and @DerbyshireARU. Arrested. False insurance document produced so car also coming with us. #Crime #Seized #Teamwork
Chesterfield Kia Sportage pursued by @DerbyshireARU after being spotted driving dangerously. Tour of back streets where it is lost. Located a min later,search by @CfieldResponse & @DerbysDogPolice but driver disappeared into night
Chesterfield .Meriva, not bothered with insurance. #Seized
Chesterfield. Fiesta. Son takes parents car without permission to get to work. No licence or insurance. Day in court for him. #Seized
Derby. Trying out false plates to see if it can hide that hes got no licence or insurance. We detect these daily. Stopped and also in possession of a knuckle duster. Car seized, interviewed and off to court. #Crime #Seized
Derby. Spotted this Golf, a familiar car - stopped twice before in recent months. 1st time it had 2 bald tyres, 2nd time driver was on drugs. This time hes on drugs and has some with him. Says we're picking on him. Yes, we are
Holmewood. Another drink driver narrowly avoiding killing anyone else and just minor injuries to himself. Huge speed & blew 63 at roadside. 50k Audi A7 now reduced to scrap after undoubtedly saving his life. Blood sample obtained
Ilkeston 2 stolen bikes knocking about committing offences. Urban myth we dont pursue bikes busted - pursuit authorised by @DerPolContact FIM, excellent containment with stingers & @NPASHusBos. 2 bikes recovered & 1 male arrested
If you're out & about in Langley Mill and see damage near the train station, be suitably unimpressed its thanks to the selfish actions of a drink driver. So selfish he ran off and left his even drunker mate to pick up the pieces
M1. 206 stopped for no insurance. Asks Insurance for what? Shouldnt be too surprised from someone already disqualified. #Seized #PG9 #Traffic
M1. Astra stopped due to an expired MOT. 3 defective tyres. Prohibition and ticket issued. #Seized #PG9 #Traffic
M1 South. Intelligence received that this Audi is regularly being used by a disqualified driver. Intel bang on. Driver pending a day in court and vehicle #Seized #Traffic
M1. Car breaks down and @HighwaysEMIDS attend to assist. Driver stinks of booze. We arrive and tells us hes had a few pints but feels fine. Blows 107, 3 times the legal limit. No insurance either. Arrested and charged.
A617 Pleasley. Initial stop for an expired MOT, but checks show hes just had it done. A bit more digging finds the driver wanted on warrant for failing to appear at court and provides a positive @DrugWipeUK for drugs. Arrested.
Swadlincote residential street, 30mph limit.Lurking unmarked RPU car having to do 70 to keep up.Non-compliant exhaust, non-compliant reg plate, non-compliant helmet visor. Said he was desperate for toilet.Reported and S59 warning
Staveley. Report that occupants of van hitch up trailer whilst keeping look out. Suspected stolen. Located short time later and driver not insured to drive van. Released whilst enquiries ongoing to identify trailer owner. #Seized
A38 Mickleover. Runs out of fuel. Walks to petrol station with 2 mates left inside like sitting ducks. Everyone swerving to avoid. Returns just before recovery truck. Ticket for leaving vehicle in dangerous position 100 and 3 pts
A38 Palm Court. Cheers to the delinquent who just threw a scooter off the Ferrers Way overbridge which hit this Audi. Narrowly avoided going through the windscreen. Witness or know who did it? Call 101, ref 19000315327.
Staveley. No insurance. Sees us turning round to stop him so shoots off down a dead end then comes running back towards us shouting he was only taking it to the scrapyard. Let us assist. Driver already on 11 points. Ban incoming