Street briefings in Pilsley to tackle yobs


COMMUNITY police in a north Derbyshire village are inviting residents to a series of street briefings to discuss concerns.

Officers from the South Eastern Safer Neighbourhood Team will be carrying out the weekly briefings around the village of Pilsley alongside local councillors.

The street briefings will start at 8pm at the Community Centre, Pear Tree Road, and the group will then walk around the village visiting problem areas.

Police Community Support Officer David Bull said: “Residents are invited to air their views about what they want to see happening in their community and what police should be focusing on.

“A number of people have already shown an interest in the briefings so hopefully they will be successful in bringing different parts of the community together.”

Residents will also be given an update of what local officers have been doing in the area over the last week.

The street briefings will be held on the following days:

Sunday, August 21;

Tuesday, August 30;

Wednesday, September 7;

Thursday, September 15;

Thursday, September 22;

Friday, September 30.

To find out more about your local Safer Neighbourhood Team call 0345 123 3333 or visit the website