STAVELEY: Neighbours dispute ended with smashed window

From the courts
From the courts

A Staveley woman who smashed a neighbour’s window during a feud has been ordered to pay compensation.

Chesterfield magistrates heard there was a history of bad feeling between Charmaine Staniforth and the Murden family.

Tracey Murden told police that Staniforth (27) hurled abuse at her during the afternoon of October 12.

Mrs Murden was at home with her husband Christopher and children at 9.30pm that day when a window was smashed by Staniforth.

The court heard that she threw a plantpot at the house wall and then put the window through with a garden solar light.

Staniforth, of Hassop Road, Staveley, admitted damaging property at the neighbouring property in Hayfield Close. She had no previous convictions.

The justices fined her £130 and ordered her to pay £150 compensation, with £85 costs.

Matt Evans, for Staniforth, said: “They used to be on good terms but their children started falling out with each other and this caused problems between the families.”

Mr Evans alleged that a child of the defendant had been bullied on the park on the day of the offence. It led to Staniforth losing her temper and causing damage.

He added that there had been no further problems between the families and both had signed “acceptable behaviour contracts” with the council.