Sports Direct reprimanded over its lorry driver standards

NDET 03-10-12 MC 6'Sports Direct Shirebrook
NDET 03-10-12 MC 6'Sports Direct Shirebrook

Speeding HGV drivers and a motorway crash in which a trailer became separated from a lorry has led to Sports Direct being hauled before an inquiry.

The controversial Shirebrook company has been ordered to remove 25 of its 120-strong fleet of HGVs from the road following an investigation into the company’s vehicle maintenance and driver standards.

The decision was taken by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner during a recent hearing.

An investigation had been launched after the accident on the M1 in February last year. The loose trailer collided with another HGV, and although no-one was hurt, a report into the incident said the event ‘could have been devastating’.

The loose trailer was put down to be ‘likely driver error’, and the employee was dismissed.

But in the probe of Sports Direct that followed, investigators found evidence of defects not being signed off, an ‘unacceptable’ number of HGV drivers caught speeding, and concerns expressed about the management of transport operations and drivers.

Simon Evans, deputy traffic commissioner for the North West of England said: “Taken together, these matters that are such as to lead me to conclude that it is appropriate that more than a formal warning is required in this case.”

The sanction will be reviewed again in August.

Chad has since asked Sports Direct for a response.