Somercotes thief escapes jail

Law and order
Law and order

A SOMERCOTES man stole number plates and fitted one to a car taken following a house burglary.

Richard Jordan took the registration plates from a vehicle owned by fellow villager Jake Green last October.

Chesterfield magistrates heard that police located a stolen Vauxhall Astra at 1.30am on October 11 and forensic tests were carried out.

It led to Jordan’s fingerprints being found on a stolen number plate and a cap inside the Astra.

“He said he stole the plates from a car as a favour for a friend. He fitted the rear plate to the stolen vehicle and his mate fitted the front one,” said Mike Treharne, prosecuting.

Jordan, 34, of Castle Drive, Somercotes, admitted theft. He was given a one-year conditional discharge, with £85 costs.

“He has been foolish. He knew the number plates were being placed on the car with a view to further offences being committed,” said Asif Munir, for Jordan.

He said Jordan was not involved in the burglary which led to the theft of the Astra. A pal called Chris asked if he could get some plates for the Astra and he agreed as a favour, without receiving any payment.

The court heard that Jordan, a married father of two, had previously been convicted of dishonesty and had served time in prison.

“He has turned a corner in his life and he is trying to find work,” said Mr Munir.