Sickening CCTV footage shows thug punching victim over 25 times in brutal alleyway attack in Derbyshire

This is the shocking moment a thug landed more than 25 punches during a brutal assault in Derbyshire which was captured on CCTV cameras down an alleyway.

Harrowing footage shows the yob relentlessly battering his cowering victim after pinning him against a wall by the throat.

The assault was captured on CCTV

The assault was captured on CCTV

During the savage attack, which lasted for several minutes, the man is pummelled to the ground where he continues to be punched dozens of times.

The attacker can then be seen appearing to rob the victim as he lies helpless on the floor in the alleyway in Derby city centre.

The sickening incident, which took place at 7.50pm on October 7, was captured by CCTV cameras from Silly Sids furniture store on nearby Babington Lane.

Mark Harding, whose father owns the shop, said: "It's absolutely terrible.

"It was only 7.50pm, so it's not like it's the early hours. It doesn't appear to be revellers or people on a night out fighting, it seems different.

"It was a very serious attack and I'm shocked the victim just walks away from it at the end to be honest.

"It's a very nasty assault. I think the video speaks for itself. We could easily have found ourselves with a cordon next to the store and a massive police investigation.

"He just keeps punching him and doesn't stop."