Royal Wedding party catfight

ROYAL wedding celebrations turned to violence when a drunken clowne woman got involved in a catfight, a court heard.

The incident took place during a street party in High Street, Whitwell, and followed a scrap between two men, the women’s boyfriends.

Abigail Whysall made some comments and lunged at the other woman, digging her fingernails into her face and pulling her hair.

Frederick Powell, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates that the woman retaliated and the fight led to police being called.

Whysall (20) was arrested and later said she had had problems with the woman, a Miss Dunne, in the past.

“She said she was too drunk to remember why she was fighting and how it began but she was fully remorseful for starting the fight,” said Mr Powell.

Whysall, formerly of King Street, Hodthorpe, and now of Creswell Road, Clowne, admitted committing the assault on April 29.

Magistrates said a pleasant occasion had been spoiled by excessive drinking. They gave her a one-year conditional discharge, with £85 costs.

“It was Royal Wedding day. Drink was flowing freely and everyone was generally having a good time,” said Bob Bashforth, for Whysall.

“She heard that her boyfriend had been in a fight with another male and there is a history between her and that other male’s girlfriend.

“They got into a fight. She can’t remember who struck the first blow but she was told that she did, and she can’t gainsay that.”

Mr Bashforth added: “Scratches to her face were inflicted by the other female. She says she won’t get involved in anything like this again.”